Month: February 2018

What Is Our Relationship With Failure In Youth Sports?

So… In youth sports, failure rears its _____________ (more on this blank space later) head to varying degrees at just about every training session and game. There’s simply no way to avoid it. Striking out, missing a penalty kick, a poor pass, a fumble, losing a championship game… The list goes on and on. As a coach, I’ve certainly been very frustrated at times when my players have made mistakes in the past. There have also been times when I’ve handled their failures very well. I’ve seen parents and spectators handle their kids’ or teams’ failures with both frustration...

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Why The Current Obsession With ‘Foot Skills’ Is Holding Us Back From Developing Elite Soccer Players And How To Re-frame The Importance Of Foot Skills

If you have a child playing youth club soccer chances are you’ve seen some kids playing the game that have excellent foot skills.   At times, you may even see some teams that, collectively, are great with the ball at their feet.   As a coach, I’ve seen it too. Clubs and teams heavily promoting foot skills. Games where players seem to want to take as many touches as possible every time they receive the ball. I’ve seen plenty of training sessions (even run some myself), where the kids spend large amounts of time focused on nothing but executing...

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NSA Tryout Information

NSA’s Club Open House

You're Invited!

NSA's Club Open House on May 2nd

When: Wednesday May 2nd at 7:00pm

Where: Naperville Yard, 1607 Legacy Circle in Naperville

We will unveil our revolutionary new player development model, club curriculum and dispell some common youth soccer development myths

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