Month: March 2018

A Different Way To Watch A Youth Soccer Game

Over the years, I’ve coached plenty of close games, even developing mini-rivalries of sorts (nothing serious, but two good teams playing each other often). I’ve noticed at times, that both coaches and parents can get a little over-involved in the game. When one team scores the parents and coach of that team cheer just a little louder and enjoy that success just a bit more than your average weekend league game. And I’ll admit that I’ve done it myself too. And as sport goes, it’s not unusual. The competitor in us naturally wants to come out on the winning...

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Sport Specialization: Good or Bad?

Over the years there have been numerous studies that have drawn the conclusion that sports specialization, especially at an early age is a bad thing.  Most of these studies have come to conclusions that repetitive motions, over training, and mental burnout of a single sport lead to players not wanting to, or not able to continue in a sport.     Is there truth to this?  Sure the studies seem reasonable and the facts they present back up their claims.  With the Winter Olympics just finishing up recently, it poses the question of sports specialization.  Does a cross country...

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A Simple Phrase To Create An Elite Training Atmosphere

As soon as I heard it, I had to rewind and listen again… I was listening to a short, but quite good podcast (the link is below if you’d like to listed to it)… The interview was just getting going, starting to talk about mentality. Then he dropped this value bomb… “What you accept in training is all you can expect in the arena” What a beauty! I’ve always thought that one of the strong points of my training sessions was getting players to train at a high intensity level. Having played at a high level myself, I’ve always...

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NSA Tryout Information

NSA’s Club Open House

You're Invited!

NSA's Club Open House on May 2nd

When: Wednesday May 2nd at 7:00pm

Where: Naperville Yard, 1607 Legacy Circle in Naperville

We will unveil our revolutionary new player development model, club curriculum and dispell some common youth soccer development myths

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